Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Food?

Dec. 28, 2008

Outside my window...the rain has washed away some of the snow, but the wind was absolutely howling at 80 km/h.
I am thinking...that I've got to get more self control. I bought twelve more books at the bankruptcy sale, five of which were free, but still...I need to stop. I need help.
I am thankful for...our family. Our gatherings are pleasant, and the food is tasty. Compared to some families, we're okay. We also got to see one of my husbands' cousins who was visiting this week, from Florida. Also, I helped my daughter draft her letter for Scotland. She has six weeks to gather her support. It seems a little tight for time. There are about 30 of them going to evangelize at the university of Edinborough.
From the kitchen...lasagna, curried chicken, jerk chicken, rice and peas, salad, bread, lemon pie, apple-berry crumble with ice cream.
I am dress pants and blouse, and a red sweater.
I am reading...The Blogging Church: Sharing the story of your church through blogs. I thing blogging is a great option, especially for small churches like ours, who don't have a huge budget. Added to our website, it's a great way to communicate. This modern generation wants two-way conversation.
I am hoping...that we can head someplace hot this winter. I just bought a new bathing suit and would like to decrease my pallor factor and increase my tannage factor.
I am hearing...Liverpool beat Newcastle 5 to 1. My husband is happy, since he's a Liverpool fan.
Around the house...I got my Christmas decorations put away and my bookshelves up. I just need a few more magazine racks from IKEA to store some paperwork.
One of my favourite things...a clean and tidy house. I threw out so many old magazines and cassette tapes. It was hard for me to throw out the cassettes. I knew we couldn't listen to them anymore, but I still looked at each one with nostalgia before I placed them in the garbage. There were preaching tapes, some from Pastors now in glory, music from when our daughters were little, music from my teen years, and conferences on home schooling from when I was considering that. It's hard to part with, but time marches on. I hope I don't regret this decision.
A few plans for the week...and eye appointment tomorrow morning, work two nights, then off for six. Nice. New Years' eve supper and service at church on Wednesday. Write. Shop. Dinner party with four other Christian couples on Saturday.

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